Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Reparations is not about slavery; it’s about being black.  Slavery ended over 150 years ago. Blacks may claim the segregation lasted much longer, but many blacks moved from the South to the North where there was supposed to be no segregation.  They had the opportunity to make something of themselves, but they didn’t do much with it.  So now they just want money. 

America seems to be undergoing a transition in which blacks want a huge transfer of wealth from whites to blacks.  In fact, the immigration dispute reflects this same agenda.  Black and brown people around the world have been less successful than white people.  As a result, we see the mass migration from the southern hemisphere to the northern.  Africans are flocking to Europe.  Latin Americans are flocking to the United States.  These black and brown people are seeking a better life because they have failed to build one for themselves, just as black Americans failed to build themselves better lives after the Civil War. 

Now they have given up trying to better themselves and are just saying, “Give us money.”  Reparations are for being black, not for slavery.  It is easy to discriminate against blacks because blackness is so easily discernable, as opposed to religious beliefs or nationality.  Nevertheless, there are many successful blacks whose success demonstrates that blackness is not an insurmountable obstacle.  In fact, if blackness were identified with some particular skill or knowledge, it would be an asset instead of a liability. This seems to be the case in sports.  Blacks excel in sports, where football and basketball have both become dominated by black players.  If the same percentages were applied to sports that blacks want applied to other endeavors, teams could have only one black basketball player on the floor and football teams could have only two black football players on the field. 

Success in sports is good, but blacks need to do the same thing in other areas of life.  The last Oscars was devoted to awarding blacks, but the Oscars lost prestige because everyone recognized that they were given because of race and not because of the quality of the movies.  Blacks just ended up devaluing the Oscars, rather than improving their own image.  

Blacks need to prove themselves in areas other than sports and show business, rather than just asking for reparations payments because they were born black. 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Biden as President

My last few blog posts have been critical of Biden, but I am glad he won.  Trump was a terrible President, but his strong point was that he represented and stood up for the cultural ideas that are espoused by many ordinary, middle class people.  He is the ultimate illustration of the problem highlighted by the book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”  Many people vote against their economic interests because they believe cultural interests are more important.  In Trump’s case it is even more surprising because he is a bad cultural icon.  He is course, crude, immoral, impolite, selfish, stupid, and the list goes on and on.  However, regular old white people see themselves under attack from all sides, and Trump is someone who is willing to take on the hatred from American intellectuals and minorities.  That one trait got him elected and it almost got him re-elected.  The Democrats were smart to change the voting laws right before the election to make it easier to vote.  Democrats could get apathetic, uninterested blacks to make the minimal effort to vote by mail for Biden, and it worked.  This Denver Post article illustrates the two approaches to voting requirements, although it clearly comes down on the side of making voting as easy as possible.   

Trump has incorrectly claimed that there was something illegal about the mail-in vote, but the states involved had made it legal.  It probably did cost him the election, but the state Democratic politicians and judges did it legally.  Easier voting favors Democrats.  The Republicans used the 2010 census to gerrymander their states to favor Republicans.  Each side is looking for advantages.  There are arguments on both sides.  When the US was founded, in most states only white adult male property owners could vote.  They wanted to restrict voting to responsible people who had a stake in their country.  Today, the Democrats have completely different priorities from the nation’s founders. 

Anyway, Biden is a much more normal President and good for the country.  He is being pushed by the progressive wing of his party to do a lot of questionable things, questionable because they have never been done before and they are very expensive.  But the Republicans are in a position to block most of them, or to tone them down.  Infrastructure repair is needed, but it needs to be limited, and paying for it right after huge payments for the covid pandemic if bad timing.  It’s good that interest rates are so low now, making it reasonable for the government to borrow money. 

Biden is a welcome change from Trump on foreign policy issues.  Trump tended to alienate our allies and pander to our enemies.  Trump messed up relations with Europe and North Korea, among others.  His China and Russia policies could have been more nuanced.  Biden is currently facing tough decisions on Afghanistan and Israel-Palestine, but he is approaching them rationally and intelligently. 

Biden’s reassuring, comforting tone is another welcome change from the Trump’s often strident, mocking, confrontational approach.  This offsets my concerns that Biden will take the country too far left.  That may be the trade-off for having a more traditional President.  Let’s give Biden a chance. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A Lie about Voting

I was put off last Sunday by all the political talk shows that characterized the Liz Cheney-Donald Trump standoff as being about the “lie” about the election.  There is more to the issue than simply calling Trump a liar.  The Democrats did win the election, but only by changing the rules for voting at the last minute.  In the weeks preceding the election, key states where Biden barely defeated Trump made it much easier to vote.  They made it easier to vote by mail, to vote early, and so on.  The main result was that many more blacks voted, and voted for Biden, than they would have if the laws had not been changed. 

It is not surprising that the Democrats would cry foul about the Republicans changing the voting lows now.  The Democrats know they won because they changed the voting laws then.  The difference is not so much about a “lie” about voting as it is about a fundamentally different view of how voting should be done.  Democrats want the uneducated, the poor, the unmotivated to vote, because they know they can win those votes by promising those voters money – welfare benefits, generous unemployment insurance, stimulus checks.  One of the main reasons for Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus act package was to pay off the black voters who put him over the top in the election.  Of course, he had to pay a lot of white people, too, but the main target was the poor, black underclass, the George Floyds of America who voted for him.  The Democrats would be happy to have as many people vote as possible, illegal aliens someday, but today Democrats just want to get them into the US so that they can vote later, perhaps not too much later, if they can change the citizenship laws. 

Meanwhile the Republicans prefer people to vote who are more motivated.  The Democrats probably win the intellectual vote, but the Republicans do well with people with ordinary educations and skills.  The Republicans appeal to people who love America, while the Democrats tend to deride America as an evil, slave-holding country that needs to turn its back on its past and welcome new, uneducated people with no history of participating in any kind of good government.  If you are part of a civil war or a drug cartel, the Democrats want you.  Right now, the Democrats want the District of Colombia and Puerto Rico to become states, but down the line they have their eyes on Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador as future US states.  For Democrats, the border between Mexico and the US will gradually disappear and citizenship in one will entitle a person to be a citizen of the other.  The United States of America will become the United States of Latin America and the old US ties to Europe will fade away.  The Aztecs and the Mayans will replace the Greeks and Romans as models of ancient civilizations. 

Democrats are looking for voting rules that promote their idea of an America that has no connection to European ideas and culture.  The Republicans want a voting system that perpetuates the European ideas embodied in the Constitution, the British common law, the English language and other cultural connections to the founders’ home country, Britain. 

There is more to the voting issue than that Biden’s victory is a “lie” or that Republicans are trying to deprive blacks of the vote.  There is no indication that the new voting laws in Georgia or other states will be applied inequitably between blacks and whites.  It is just that blacks claim they can’t vote according to the same rules that white people can.  They can’t show up at a specified time and place.  They can’t vote without help from their family, neighbors, and friends.  They can’t provide a picture ID.  If they could do these things, which white people can do, they could vote just like white people. 

So, calling questions about the election a “lie,” or stricter voting rules as “racist oppression,” is just sweeping under the carpet the issue of what kind of country people what this country to be.  The Democrats have one vision, the Republicans another.  Democrats are afraid to debate the real issue and hide behind a “lie.”

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Biden's Money for Drugs


There are many reasons to worry about President Biden’s huge stimulus proposal, but one I haven’t heard is that it will benefit the Mexican drug cartels.  One of the main ingredients of the proposal is to help blacks on welfare through various mechanisms.  One of the things we have learned from all the news reporting on killing of blacks by police officers is that the black community is deeply involved in drug trafficking.  Almost all of those killed were connected in some way to the drug business if only because they were using drugs when they confronted the police. 

George Floyd was high when he tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill and had a drug dealer in his car when he was arrested, who declined to testify at Floyd’s trial by taking the 5th Amendment.  Brianna Taylor was sleeping with a drug dealer when police broke into her apartment and killed her while confronting her drug-dealer boyfriend.  Andrew Brown was killed when sheriff’s deputies were trying to serve a warrant on him for drug dealing. 

Lesson of the police shootings reported almost daily in the press is that drug use is widespread in the black community.  Thus, much of the billions or trillions of dollars that Biden is proposing to give the black community will go to drug use, to local drug dealers, but eventually to the cartel drug lords in Mexico.  Biden’s immigration policies are already big money makers for the cartels, which have branched out into providing coyotes to smuggle aliens into the US illegally.  Much of the additional “soft infrastructure” money will go for drugs and boost drug use throughout the black community.  It will be a huge boost for the drug network, enriching dealers all along the chain from users to cartel drug lords.  Money that is meant for childcare, elder care, unemployment compensation, food security, etc., will end up paying for drugs. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Confederate Flag in the Capitol

The furor over the Confederate flag being carried by one of the invaders of the US Capitol is overblown.  Many more invaders were carrying American flags and using them as weapons, compared with one individual apparently walking quietly through the halls with a Confederate flag.  The man with the Confederate flag should not have been there, but it looks like his offense was considerably less than many of those with American flags.  Nevertheless, the Confederate flag photo has been highlighted because commentators believe it represents some kind of evil, like a Nazi swastika.  This is unjustified. 

The men who fought under the Confederate flag did not kill blacks; they killed white men fighting for the Union army.  Some black men fought for the Union and were killed along with their white colleagues, but that had nothing to do with their race.  To imply by comparisons with Nazi paraphernalia that the Confederate flag is a symbol of genocide is simply wrong.  It was a battle flag like those that troops have carried in war for thousands of years. 

Some may argue that the flag became a symbol of oppression and Jim Crow segregation after the war, but this was a misuse of the flag and not a true representation of what it stands for.  If you look at violence committed by the Ku Klux Klan and other racist groups, you will probably find the Christian cross used as a symbol as often as the Confederate flag.  Should the cross be banned like the Confederate flag?  Should the American flag be banned because the rioters in the Capitol carried it during their rampage? 

The attack on the Confederate flag by liberals and Democrats has other motives, based on their own ethnic hatreds.  They want to destroy Southern white people as a political force, and the Confederate flag is a good symbol for their campaign of disparagement and disenfranchisement.  They have reopened the wounds of the Civil War and want to destroy the South this time around.  They believe Lincoln was too soft; they think he should have been more like Hitler and decimated and enpoverished the Southern white population, so that it would never have recovered from the war.  There should have been no “Reconstruction” after the war.  There should have been continued destruction.  They want destruction now. 

The decision to refight the Civil War has been made by the liberals and Democrats.  The disastrous Trump presidency was a reaction to their attack on ordinary white people across the nation, not just in the South.  Biden has not been a leader in this fight like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been.  We will see if he gets dragged into it by them and their allies.  Trump’s impeachment may shed some light on what lies ahead.  Trump clearly urged insurrection, but it is not clear that impeachment is the remedy for what he did.  It is clear that it is part of the effort to destroy those Trump supporters whom the Democrats bitterly hate. 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

White Supremacy

The term “white supremacy” is a racial slur, just like “nigger,” but the liberal media treat it as if it were a perfectly proper way to describe white people.  I see the term as expressing the extremist hatred and bigotry of those who use it. 

Although those who use it would say that it does not apply to all white people, that it only applies to certain white people like the Proud Boys (although the leader of the Proud Boys is not white).  In fact, it is intended to besmirch all white people.  White people who use the term may not think they are referring to themselves, but they are.  Many white people feel guilty for being born white and hate or at least dislike themselves for being white.  Jews use the term freely because they do not believe they are white.  They belong to the Jewish race.  Although they often accept the benefits of being perceived as white, they believe they are different.  They use circumcision to differentiate themselves from whites. 

Belief in white supremacy does exist, but so do many other forms of discrimination.  The Nazis believed in Aryan supremacy, a subset of white supremacy.  Jews believe that they are the children of God and other races are not.  Russia had the serfs for thousands of years.  Greeks and Romans (and Jews) had slaves during the height of their civilizations.   

Not everyone who believes in white supremacy is violent or a threat to society.  Whether it is right, wrong, socially incorrect, or even dangerous, there is nothing illegal about an idea if you do not act on it.  You are free to believe in white supremacy as long as you obey the laws relating to the treatment of individuals.  In America everyone is equal before the law, but that does not mean that everyone is an equally good athlete or speaker, or that everyone is equally strong or smart.  You are not forced by law to have a sports team of uncoordinated weaklings; you can choose good players.  But you cannot refuse to serve someone in your restaurant because he is an uncoordinated weakling. 

If you look around at the general population, the best accountants are probably going to be Jewish or white, and the best athletes are probably going to be black.  To deny generalizations like that is to close your eyes to the facts.  Liberals often do close their eyes to such facts, just as they accuse conservatives of denying other sorts of facts.  Liberals, like conservatives, tend to ignore or deny facts that do not fit into their worldview. People are different, but society can make laws to protect uncoordinated weaklings, just as it can make laws to protect black people. 

Believing in “white supremacy” is not a crime, although the liberal media would like it to be.  The liberal hatred directed at people they believe to hold this belief is enormous.  Liberals are capable of extreme hatred, just as conservatives are.  They often don’t act on it, but they have in the past, in demonstrations against the Vietnam War, for example, or more recently in some Black Lives Matter demonstrations where the whites have been more aggressive than the black participants. 

To me, the solution to the “white supremacy” issue is to avoid the issue of race altogether.  There are a lot of good white people and a lot of good black people, and there are a lot of bad people of both races.  It is a lot easier to like an individual than it is to like a whole race.  And it’s not fair to blame one individual for something that someone else of the same race did.  But if black people say, “You have to love me because I’m black,” I don’t think it’s going to work.  It is not the same thing as saying, “You should love me because I’m a good person.”  Blacks and whites need to work harder at being good people and drop the white supremacy label.  Is a white man a good person, not is he better (or worse) than a black man because he is white?  “White supremacist” is just a shorthand way to denigrate white people like “nigger” is used to denigrate black people. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Returning from Vietnam

The media focus on current and former military members’ involvement in the January 6 assault on the Capitol makes me wonder how much longer Americans will honor those who serve in the military.  The press reported that the FBI was investigating the backgrounds of the thousands of National Guardsmen who were called to protect the Capitol during Biden’s inauguration, and that several were told to leave because of detrimental information found about them.  

It reminds me of the horrible way that Vietnam veterans were treated by their fellow Americans when they returned from Vietnam.  I was not actually spit on, and I don’t know anybody who was, but there was a lot of contempt for veterans, even to the point of calling them baby-killing war criminals.  On one hand it is good that there is a Vietnam memorial to remember those killed in Vietnam; on the other, the memorial is anything but heroic.  It could be interpreted as a dark slash in the ground, a stark recognition of those who tragically wasted their lives by dying in Vietnam.   

It is interesting that the Vietnam memorial was built before the World War II memorial.  World War II veterans were widely respected for their service, although the movie “The Best Years of Our Lives” shows that many WW II veterans faced the same kinds of problems that Vietnam veterans faced.  Nevertheless, no one felt when they returned that they needed a memorial.  Their service was memorial enough. 

The World War II memorial and the various Confederate memorials that are being torn down followed similar paths.  Neither set of veterans felt that they needed a memorial, but as they began to die off in greater and greater numbers, the people left behind, often wives and daughters, worked to build them memorials to preserve their memory. 

I fear that after a generation of honoring veterans, mainly starting after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, we are moving back to suspicion of veterans.  Now, instead of being war criminals returning from Vietnam, they are pictured as traitors, insurrectionists, white supremacists who are dangers to the nation.  Now the proportion of the populations serving in the military is even smaller than it was during Vietnam, meaning that less and less of the population has any personal understanding of what military service is like.  No recent President has served in the military, and few senior political or other public officials have.  How many of the “talking heads” pontificating about American politics on TV have served?  Not many.  There is a group of veterans in the Congress, mostly because of 9/11, but it will probably shrink as time goes on. 

I worry that people will more and more view the military as something subversive, a hotbed of Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists, and thus military service will become less and less respected and more and more suspected.